Our Top Picks: Films You Should Watch Before The End of LGBTQ+ History Month!

These are our top picks and recommended films we think you should watch before the end of LGBTQ+ history month, from some of the best independent LGBQT+ feature films and the colourful collection from the BFI in LGBT Britain.


“This coming of age story made on a ‘no-budget’ directed by Marley Morrison is quite frankly the best independent drama of 2021.”

This is Marley Morrison’s British drama, where a young woman (AJ) starts to find out more about herself while on a family vacation. The feature-length film Star’s Nell Barlow and Ella-Rae Smith. 

Sweetheart is an outstanding feature-length drama, thanks to the flawless on-screen performances, well-structured direction, a mixed atmosphere throughout, tense moments and some good humour.

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Lola and the Sea

This is Laurent Micheli’s french drama where a girl who lives in the city with her best friend, emboldened by her life-changing transition and close support of her mother,  Lola has the world at her feet with no plans of looking back.

When Lola receives the news that her mother has suddenly passed away, she returns home for the funeral and to face her estranged father, Phillipe. Driven together by the common goal to fulfil her mother’s last wishes, Lola and Phillipe reluctantly embark on a journey to the North Sea.

This film is subtitled in English

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A Deal With The Universe

This is Jason Barker’s autobiographical documentary, made entirely from personal archive material and home video diaries. ‘A Deal With The Universe’ follows Jason’s incredible story of how he came to give birth to his child, charting over 15 years of his and his partner’s life.

This film is so groundbreaking in terms of its intimate insights into gender identity and new parenthood.

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Are You Proud?

This documentary directed by Ashley Joiner, combines rare archive footage alongside interviews from leading campaigners, ‘Are You Proud?’ charts the LGBTQ+ movement’s momentous journey towards equality.

“By standing in the numbers that stood, it made us realise we were one, of one mind, of one intention, of one thrust. We would not allow the reversal of all the rights that so many people have spent years fighting for.” – Son of A Tutu.

Celebrating the community’s greatest achievements, the film calls attention to the fights both past and present while asking tough questions about the future of equality.

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BFI's LGBT Britain

The BFI have put together, such a colourful and challenging collection that explores on screen representations of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender lives over the past century. 

British cinema has always boasted a long history of carefully coded queerness, however for much of the 20th-century, the explicit depictions of gay life in dramas or documentaries were more or less taboo on the screen.

While you’re on the BFI Player we’d also recommend you to check out the programmed films for the BFI Flare film festival, taking place from Wednesday 17 to Sunday 28 March featuring the best new LGBTQ+ cinema from around the world

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