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Making film accessible and proudly showcasing independent film to new audiences across overlooked communities.

The Format

Sunrise Film Festival takes place annually in Lowestoft, Britain's most easterly town. Across the festival we bring together independent filmmakers, celebrate all things film & the industry as a whole in a Summer coastal setting.

We’re passionate about creating a platform for filmmakers that are yet to be discovered (or picked up by the bigger film festival circuit), whilst also championing filmmaking and the arts across East Anglia including year round activity across Great Yarmouth, Ipswich, Bury St Edmunds and King’s Lynn, whilst remaining to stick with our routes as Lowestoft stays at our core.

Sunrise Film Festival is co-produced by Sunrise Studios, a local community production company based in the UK’s most easterly town, which is run by young creatives and filmmakers from Lowestoft.

Meet Our Founders

team members include


Joshua Freemantle (He/Him) & Patrick Johnson (He/Him)

Young People’s Engagement Assistant

Rebecca Medley (She/Her)

Head of Programming

New HoP coming soon.

Programming Assistants

Rebecca Medley (She/Her) & Lee Brown (He/Him)

Head of Production

Lee Brown (He/Him)

2023's Festival Trailer

We're committed to engaging overlooked audiences!

Our friends at Sunrise Studios support disadvantaged young people with creative enrichment through cultural learning and training opportunities year round.

All entry fees & ticket sales from the festival go directly to support the ongoing work Sunrise Studios undertakes to support other local young people within the regional charity access community Trust across rural communities in Suffolk & Norfolk.

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Want to gain exposure for your brand or organisation and help us make Sunrise Film Festival an even bigger success?

A major opportunity to support or sponsor a nationally reaching film festival based in Lowestoft, which supports underrepresented filmmakers, undiscovered film & emerging talent.

Whether it’s supported in kind with your own expertise or services you can offer to support the next edition in being the very best it can be, or by choosing one of our sponsorship packages.

We’d love to hear from you!

To find out more about how you can support us email us at info@sunrisefilmfestival.co.uk

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A Discovery For New
Emerging Talent

Sunrise Film Festival is not only a BIFA qualifying short film festival, but also a place to discover new emerging talent, and those talented creatives are yet to be discovered.

We proudly promote films from any filmmaker, creative or producer to the general public, which enables them to view something different, regardless of how big or small their budget for creating shorts, documentaries or experimental film.

We focus on sharing progressive and underrepresented stories.

We are committed to ensuring the widest audience possible, in a region that is under-represented for opportunities for engagement with independent film.

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