Submissions to Lowestoft’s First Annual Film Festival Officially Open

Lowestoft is set to welcome its first annual film festival this October and is now accepting submissions.

Work began in September 2021 for Joshua Freemantle and Patrick Johnson of Sunrise Studios. That was when they first dreamt of supporting and showcasing independent film from across the region by creating the UK’s most easterly film festival.

The film festival is co-produced by our young film programmers in partnership with The Young Film Programmers’ Network (South East) which is supported by a BFI Film Academy Grant. The festival will host a variety of submission categories, with traditional categories like ‘Best Documentary’ and ‘Best British Short Film’ as well as newer categories like ‘The Best of Lowestoft Award’, ‘Best Experimental Short Film’ and ‘Best Two minute movie’.

The full list can be viewed in the festival’s official teaser trailer below:

Via YouTube or Via Twitter

Early bird entries can be submitted from the 10th February, allowing people to upload their work at the lowest rates that will increase as the film submission deadline gets closer.

Not only will there be film screenings for shortlisted and nominated submissions, but an official awards ceremony will be also be held in October.  Finalists will be invited, along with industry professionals and the press as part of a red carpet and prizes will be given out to the winners chosen by our judges.

Development Producer Joshua Freemantle boldly stated,

“I’ve always wanted Lowestoft to have its own film festival. There’s a rich heritage of cinema, art and film within the town and I feel like the creativity in our region isn’t given nearly enough credit. I think it’s so important to offer young people (and film makers of any age) the chance to showcase their brilliant work”.

“Whether it’s a group of students making their first short film, someone that’s discovered their passion through the pandemic or whether it’s a seasoned film maker showcasing their latest piece, I believe this festival can really help nurture what’s already been building in and around the town and as a catalyst to create platform for emerging talent”.

The closing date for submissions is 11th August 2022, so there’s plenty of time to spread the word, get together and create a film of your own over the next 6 months if you haven’t already created your very own masterpiece.

For more information on the festival, head to or follow them on FacebookTwitter and Instagram @LWTFilmFest.

Co-founder Patrick Johnson proudly stated,

“The idea seriously excites me! I’m passionate about the creative industries and I’m grateful to be working on a project that carries so many benefits to the area and its people.

I almost wish Lowestoft Film festival existed back when I was a full-time student. It’s the perfect excuse to try something new, get creative with what you have and have some fun.”

The last couple of years have been difficult for creatives in our region, especially the upcoming generation that might not have been able to utilise their studies or the creative freedom that comes with being a young filmmaker and creative alike. Lowestoft Film Festival will provide an opportunity that people can absolutely grasp onto with both hands.