Norfolk Film Group ‘Film East’ launch latest Film Anthology

Screen Britain
Norfolk based film group 'Film East' are back with another edition of their themed anthologies, and this year's edition is all about Britain on Screen.
Screen Britain by Film East Cover

Our friends over at Film East launch their brand new anthology this week (12 February), with hard-copy and digital versions of the 200 page latest work available, their is plenty of original essays to dive into.

‘Dynamic and passionate… with a rich range of British film and television, old and new…’

Film East says…

“Combining the diverse voices of fifteen critics, filmmakers and creatives, Screen Britain journeys through historical and contemporary British visual media to explore national identity through the cinematic lens. This book’s twenty original articles — written in a relaxed style to entertain all types of film fans — analyse over thirty-five UK-made films and television programmes, including classics like Doctor Who and James Bond, as well as modern masterpieces like The Souvenir and Aftersun.

Essays range from objectifying the working-class in social realist films and the development of the genre’s new wave to the depiction of the British Empire and the portrayal of London immigrant neighbourhoods.

Also included in this anthology is a curated collection of sixteen films and TV shows that take readers on a road trip around the UK, focusing on works shot or set in regions throughout England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland that are less represented on screen.”

You can order digital or hard copies of the book here – Paperback £14.99 / Digital £9.99

Screen Britain at Soundyard Norwich

Film East also have an upcoming event in Norwich, Screen Britain at Soundyard.

Film East will host a special film criticism event at Norwich’s Soundyard, featuring a visual reading and TV show screening, on Monday 19 February at 18:00. Tickets are £5 for general admission and £2.50 for students.

Film East said…

“To celebrate the release of Screen Britain, Film East is hosting a unique film criticism event at Norwich’s SOUNDYARD. The event will be presented by the book’s editor, Shelby Cooke, and will include a visual reading from the anthology on Charlotte Wells’ Oscar-nominated film Aftersun followed by an episode screening of the BBC hit This County.

Shelby Cooke will be reading her article from the book, titled ‘Recorded Memories: Reliving the Past in Charlotte Wells’ Aftersun,’ accompanied by clips from the film to provide context. It is recommended to watch the film in advance of the event.

Following the reading, Film East will screen an episode from the BBC Three TV show, This County — one of the works from Screen Britain’s curated collection. They will show episode six, ‘GNVQ,’ from the show’s first season to audiences. 

Event attendees are invited to preorder their copy of Screen Britain for pickup at the event. Use code ‘Aftersun‘ at checkout to avoid shipping fees. Alternatively, attendees will have the opportunity to purchase a copy of the book following the talk.

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Tickets for the event can be purchased here