Romance Is A Funny Thing (15)
04 Aug 10:00 AM
Until 11:15 AM 1h 15m

Romance Is A Funny Thing (15)

Marina Theatre Marina Theatre, Marina, Lowestoft, NR32 1HH

Join us for an enchanting and delightful screening with our charming strand of short films entitled 'Romance Is A Funny Thing'.

This special event features a collection of romantic short films that capture the humour, joy, and unpredictability of love.

About the Films: 'Romance Is A Funny Thing' showcases a delightful mix of short films that explore the lighter side of love. From witty romantic comedies and heartwarming tales of serendipity to whimsical stories of unexpected connections, these films celebrate the fun and unpredictable nature of romance. Each short film is crafted to entertain, amuse, and touch the heart, making you laugh and swoon in equal measure.

The short films screening in this Strand are: You're A Physchopath, I Love You, This Feeling, Undying Love, Blueprint, Daughters of The Fatherland & RABBIT.

This Strand is rated: 15, No one younger than 15 may see 15-rated content.

Additional Information: Please note parking is not available on-site. The nearest car parks are at Clapham Road South or Whapload Road, Lowestoft Train Station is a 5-10 minute walk from the Marina Theatre.

The age rating has been set by our local authority as a guide and content may not be suitable for all audiences in this screening, viewer discretion is still advised.

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